Why choose soy?

Soy candles are made from an environmentally friendly and renewable source.  It's water soluable, any spillages are easily cleaned up.  You can also reuse your jars as they are easily cleaned in warm soap water.  Lastly, if you keep your wicks trimmed, they will burn much longer than normal parafin candles.

Are your soy candles completely natural? 

Our white candles are made from all Soy based products and we use wicks made out of all natural fibres and completely lead free.  

Fragrances used in all our products are mostly synthetic, as are most candle fragrances, and can be classed as vegan friendly.  They contain no petrochemicals, phthalates or parabens and are completely non toxic.  None of the fragrances are tested on animals.

Please note that the product we use to colour our soy is not naturally soy based, but is completely safe and used in most coloured candles.  We understand that this is important to many people, which is why we offer our candles in both white and tinted varieties.

Do you deliver Australia wide?

We sure do! Our soy candles & melts are made in Sydney, but we deliver Australia wide.  We have a flat rate of $12 throughout Australia. Turnaround time is usually around 5-7 days.  All our products are hand made and candles in particular require curing time, however if you require something urgently, please let me know.  

What is the turn around time for dispatch of my order?

If your order contains Melt Shots (not clamshells) and Burners, we usually dispatch those within 1-2 days.  Reed Diffusers on their own usually take 3-4 days.  Clamshell Melts and Candles are dispatched 7-9 days after ordering as they are made to order and need time to cure.  If we do have stock of the candle you have ordered, this may be quicker.

Can I pick up my order?

Of course.  If you fancy a drive to the foot of the Blue Mountains, then you can pick up direct from Wik.  Contact me via email to arrange a pick up time and obtain address.