Car Diffuser | Bullet


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You love our fragrances so much, why not have them in your car too!

These nifty little car diffusers work much like a reed diffusers, in that it relies on the fragrance to soak into the timber lid to release is amazing smell.  We have included some very important instructions with these, please ensure you read them and follow.  If you over soak the timber lid, it may leak.  

    Choose from any of our fragrances.  Please see our Fragrance Collection page for help choosing your fragrance.

    Our car diffusers come in 6 colours.


    1. Unscrew lid & remove plastic stopper, pour in fragrance.

    2. Replace lid & tip upside down for 2-3 seconds. Be careful not to over-wet as this can lead to leakages & causing damage to plastic/wooden surfaces.

    3. Remove lid & replace plastic stopper to minimise the chance of leaking.

    4. To refresh fragrance follow steps 1-3

    Instructions must be followed. Oversoaking of timber lid will cause leakages 

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